Monday, December 17, 2012

Gaslight Casebook

Well, the school year is drawing to a close, and I have lots of spare time over summer. Spare time which can be put to good use building terrain and landships, and of course, role playing. I've declared January Steampunk/Victorian Sci Fi month, and I am ready to (finally) run Gaslight Casebook.
Gaslight Casebook started off as an abortive attempt at a play-by-forum game. I say abortive because we never started. now it's time to run it conventionally. A number of the members of the Hampton Games Club (including TopDog Games co-author Matt) have indicated their inclination to participate, and we hope to run the first session soon.
As to the rules, we will be using Oversoul Games's DiceChucker system. I discovered this system a while ago now, and fell in love with it's flexibility and easy learning curve. It's also free. You can't go past that.
As the casebook progresses, I'll be publishing reports along with adventures. Obviously I'm not going to do this until after game sessions to avoid giving any clues! Allow me to post the following teaser however...

It is 1892. A hideous murder has taken place in Mayfair. A man has been throttled with such force that his head has almost been severed from his shoulders. As the dead man was highly placed at the war office, and had secret documents in his possession, a crack team has been formed to investigate...