Sunday, June 15, 2014

Warlords of Scrundor

The kingdom is MINE!
I had an idea for a new game on Thursday night, which I've been working on for the last few days. In it, players take on the roles of ambitious Orc warlords in the foul orcish kingdom of Scrundor, and try to over throw the king, Grolg the Unfeasibly Smelly. The game play is something like talisman, with players moving around a board made up of inner and outer rings, with Grolg's palace at the centre. The difference here being that the board is made up of cards, and these cards can be moved or replaced during the game. Each location has a quest or special ability associated with it which players can attempt to use.
At present, there are 16 unique locations for the inner ring, representing the mountain of Scrundor, eight of which are in play at any one time. The quests here are harder, but the rewards greater. The outer ring has 16 cards in play, from a potential pool of 32. The quests and challenges are easier here, but the rewards are not as great.
Players are rewarded with followers from the four tribes of Scrundor - each of these grants a bonus on a different type of quest. The other types of reward come in the form of gold (used to buy things like followers) and loot cards (which can be anything from a Really BIG Axe to a blessing from the unpronounceable Orc god, Drotzch, or a spell of some kind). There are currently 150 loot cards, although may of these are duplicates.
Well... sounds legit.
I am currently working on the quest cards - some locations just let you draw a quest card instead of having a specific quest printed on them.
All of this is going to be printed out on business cards for play testing before I work on the art. Anyone who wants to contribute art, fell free to email me.