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Captain Hank Space guy and the crew of the Space Patrol ship Atom Eagle are in serious trouble – while on a routine patrol near Mars they have picked up a sinister Martian virus which is turning the crew into blood-crazed, purple-haired mindless zombies! Can the surviving crewmen make it to their escape pods in time to warn the Space Patrol on Earth, or will they, too be turned to zombies?

Martian Zombies is a hex-based survival game where you build the board as you go. Players either lead the desperate survivors as they try to reach the escape pods, using the various special rooms' abilities to help block the zombies shuffling after them, or take the role of the zombies resolutely shuffling through the ship trying to eat the survivors. The mechanics are simple and easily picked up, and there has been talk of making an expansion (Radioactive Blobs from Venus or something like that) 
Martian Zombies is a print-and-play game - you will need to cut out and in some cases fold and glue components in order to play.

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