Sunday, May 12, 2013

Board Game Geek 24 Hour Contest

I've just discovered the Contests section of the Board Game Geek forum, in particular the really cool 24 hour contests held each month. In essence, you have to create a whole game within a single 24 hour window! Obviously, I had to give it a go and ended up with...
You can check out the action on the May 2013 contest here.
Worryingly, while walking around Caulfield Park this morning, I had another idea for a game, but it didn't fit this month's theme. It would be possible to make in 24 hours, but unfortunately, I've already thought too much about it and got it basically all worked out in my mind, which is really against contest rules. I'm still going to do it, but not for the contest. Possibly for another contest...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Islands of Hrond: A Fanticide Participation game at Little wars

At the edge of the Hagwood, where the twisted trees give way to the Wastes of Time are the Islands of Hrond; a pair of rocky levitating isles linked by an ancient, crumbling stone bridge. The air here is saturated with magic and whispers of hidden treasure. It is here that warbands clash for the strange and sinister spoils of Hrond. From the Hagwood come Ludmilla the Foul and her dark coven along with their tattered scarecrow servants and teeming imp slaves. From dimensions beyond comprehension come the Insatiable, demonic beings driven by their never ending hunger for flesh, for souls, for conquest. And from the Wastes of Time, cast from the very Hole itself come the puppets, bent on mastering this strange new land.

This year at Little Wars, Melbourne's premier gaming gathering, we'll be running some Fanticide Participation games using custom warbands over custom terrain. It'll be quick, it'll be bloody, and it'll be able to support a large group of players. 
For info on Little Wars, check out their site.
For more on Alien Dungeon's nifty Fanticide game, check out their site.