Top Dog Crew

Owen (AKA Pudding Wrestler) Started designing games at a very tender age - in fact he was even in  a board game making class at Primary School! Being an English teacher, he ends up doing all the proof reading and editing, and being hopelessly addicted to InkScape, he ends up doing the art as well! Owen has recently returned to game design and role playing, having been playing Warhammer and other GW games regularly since 2002 at the Hampton Games Club. In Hampton. Recently he has broadened his horizons to include Warmachine, SAGA, GruntZ and a few other wargames Matt has picked up and gotten all excited about.

Matt is a prolific buyer of games who rarely arrives at a HGC session with the same board games twice. He is also a very prolific starter of his own rule sets. Matt always tries to buy games which can be played solo so that he can get as much value out of them as possible. He has recently sired the son and heir.

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